Hi, I'm Clare,

I started face painting 16 years ago.  Back then we didn't have all of the amazing paints, techniques and classes available today.  

These days you have a lot of choices in hiring a face painter.  Fortunately, when hiring me, I bring all of those  16 years of experience with me to your event.

I've seen and painted through it all!  Inside, outside, rain, snow, wind.  Paints melting from 102 heat.  Paints and brushes freezing (true story) in the cold and wind.  Short lines, long lines, 1 hour parties, 8 hour events.   

I've seen the amazement when children look in the mirror to see their transformation.  I've seen the relief of teens and adults when they see I haven't painted an enormous flower or a sloppy tiger, but something understated, pretty or "cool".  You have to know who you are painting!  Once the first grownup can be convinced to let me paint then they all want something...face painting has a way of bringing out the kid and courage in adults. Dads getting a full face dragon or spider man makes them the coolest in their kids eyes.

By hiring me, you can be assured I'll think of everything.  And, if there is a something needing fixing, I usually can.  Just one less thing you have to worry about while hosting  your event or party.


I am confident I can give you and your guests the best (and worry free) face painting experience.