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Face Painting

Swirls and Curls Face Painting

I love what I do.  Children love  face paintn and it is great in so many events. In addition to that this is my small business.

I'm always dressed and actt proeffessionall.  I'll Arrive  on time.    Hopefull when I've left you can think, that was great,. Now i can relax and think how easy that was when I've left.


I'll keep in contact with you the  week of the event to double check details, answer questions, and to assure you I'll be there . You are counting on me and it's nice to not have to worry about one more thing.


You can pay me the balance on the day of your event pay me cash, check, paypal, venmo or square. 


Price is irrelevant if the guests are not just happy, but "thrilled" with their paintings. 


If you are not quite sure of the guest count I can usually be flexible depending on if I have another booking or not.


Don't you just love the 21st Centtury?

call, text, email, facebook , google page, contact  form,, I'll respond or get back to you as soon as I can.

You can contact me as much as you need to with any questions, I'll answer them.


I ask all the right questions  ahead of time . I can prepare for almost anything.  When I get to an event or party I can quickly choose the best set up and really try not to bother the event coordinator or parent with questions after the initial check in.

I love what I do.  I am creative, love the kids andn continualy try to improve and keep my painting fresh.



Something for Everyone

This is true.  Kids love when  their parent gets something!  Usually when one grown-up jumps in. they all do! 


Large  guest count? Long Lines? Not sure?  

I can paint apprx. 20 faces an hour with my quick designs.  If the line is long or short I can adjust the designs from simple fabulous to absoultly fabulous detail.

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