People here and all over the world are in crisis because of Covid 19.  Most of us feel helpless at times.  The only thing I can do is follow social distancing and wear a mask.


This is my 17th year of being a face painter and since summer is my busiest time, I started to remember what I’m missing while I'm not painting:

The amazement on kids’ faces when they see their transformation. 

Relief of teens and adults when they see I haven't painted an enormous flower or a sloppy tiger, but something understated, pretty or "cool". 

Parents saying, “you are so fast” with relief or amazement (or both)!

Painting with my face painting friends.


I am grateful for more time to design my website.

Learn new faces.

Learn new techniques.

I'm not sure how long it will take for our profession to come back or what it will look like when it does, but I have a few ideas brewing....

So stay tuned and stay safe, I hope to see you at new events and repeat events as soon as we can.


Closed for now.